Zoysia tenuifolia Facts

Zoysia tenuifolia No Mow Grass
No Mow Grass

Soft, undulating mounds, you just want to rub your hand over it

Hence the name Petting Grass

Zoysia tenuifolia No Mow Grass
No Mow Grass


Zoysia tenuifolia No Mow Grass

Mass Planting



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Did You Know ?

Zoysia is a genus of creeping grasses widespread across much of Asia and Australia, as well as various islands in the Pacific. These species, commonly called zoysia or zoysia grass, are found in coastal areas or grasslands. It is a popular choice for fairways and teeing areas at golf courses. The genus is named after the Slovenian botanist Karl von Zois 

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No Mow Grass can be used amongst boulders, ponds, stepping stones and in courtyards where a run-over with a mower or brush cutter once or twice a year will produce a more manicured appearance. 

Popular Uses

Zoysia is so versitile. This is just a few of the uses of them.

Let your imagination run


Zoysia looks fantastic around pavers and rocks


Zoysai can be a great lawn replacmentand will grow in light shade where other grasses fail


This is where the Zoysia shines. The natural domes or balls are so easy to keep with a light prune. They can add an interesting deminsion to any garden

No Mow Grass

No Mow Grass

Garden Variety

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So, let your creativity soar and let Zoysia No Mow Grass be the MVP of your outdoor design. Zoysia No Mow Grass can completely transform your outdoor experience.

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Other Grasses and other Strap Leaf Plants

Strappy leafed plants have a similar look to tall grasses. The leaves are long blades or straps that may be thin, thick, or fleshy. A strap leaf plant doesn’t usually have a stem, rather, their leaves all stem from a central point. Because of the interesting textures, colours and growth habits, grass and strappy leaf plants also make ideal border plants and lend themselves perfectly to Mass Plantings

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