Our story
We are a family business,growing all our own plants here on the central coast, NSW. We strive
to supply quality plants and excellent customer service. If we don’t have the numbers you are
after, call us and we can advise you on how long it will be before we have any more ready. If
ordering large numbers, you are able to pre-order (keeping in mind, depending on the plant,
some take 3-4 weeks, while others can take up to 6 Months) Please note, we only deal with

Total costs

There are no hidden costs. All prices include GST. The only extra is postage.
Order delivery times
All orders are posted on a Monday or Tuesday. This allows time for your order to reach you by
the end of the week, reducing the unnecessary stress of sitting in the post office over the
weekend. The cut off for your order is the Friday before. This allows time for your plant to be
gathered and made ready.


Shipping is a flat rate fee, regardless of how many plants you order. We deliver using Australia
post, and service throughout QLD, NSW, VIC and ACT. We are unable to send to SA, NT,
Tasmania or WA due to biosecurity.
Pick-up orders
All orders that are placed, where pick up is selected will be ready for collection in 24-48 hrs. You
will receive a text or phone call letting you know when they are ready. If you are unable to pick
up straight away, let us know. We are only able to hold your order for 7days.

Back orders

When placing your order, the number of plants available will be shown. Next to this it will show
(able to be back ordered) these are plants that are not ready yet, but are in the process of
growing. These will be sent out once they are ready. If you would like an estimated time before
they are ready, simply ring or text us. If your order contains plants that are available as well as
back ordered plants, they will be sent out once the whole order is ready.

Pre orders

If you would like to order plants ahead of time, simply send us an email. Simply tell us what
plant you are after and when you would like them. We will get back to you in regards to your
order. (if we are able to fulfill your order in time. As some plants take 4 weeks before they are
ready, while others may take up to 5months) A 25% deposit is required for all pre orders.

Special occasions

Have a special occasion coming up? How about a plant for something different? Remember to
order earlier, so that you can have your plant settled and looking beautiful for when you need it.
Once you get your order
● Upon receiving your order you will need to open up the box and remove packaging.
● Simply cut across the top of the Recyclable bag (being careful not to cut your plant) before
placing your hands inside the bag and push in an outward direction, this will usually cause
the ‘tacks’ to release.
● Place all pots into water, holding the pot below the surface until the bubbles have stopped.
● The plants are young and healthy and are ready to be planted. For best results, plant them
as soon as possible.
● If you are unable to plant them out in the next week or two, you may need to plant them into
a larger pot. This allows the plant to grow and become better established until you are ready.
● Once planted, keep out of extreme weather conditions like a heatwave or frost.
● Plants kept in tubes will require daily monitoring and watering.


Unfortunately there is no single rule for watering. There are many factors, including type of
plant, is the plant in full sun or shade, outside temperatures, soil type, mulch.
For best results, you will need to monitor your plants for the first couple of months and adjust
As a rough guide,
● Once planted, you will need to water daily in hot weather, 1-2 days in winter for the first 2-3
● Tapper off, to every 2-3 days in summer (3-5 days in winter) for another 2-3 weeks.
● After that, you will need to monitor and water when required (keeping an eye out for wilted
leaves or dry soil.
● In 6-12 months most plants will be able to find their own water source.

If you are keeping plants in the tubes, daily watering will be required, twice daily if kept in the
sun, or during summer.


Often overlooked, we recommend using fertilizer when planting your tube in the ground or into a
larger pot for best results and growth.
There are different types, such as liquids, powders or pellets. Depends on which you feel more
comfortable using.
The amount you use and the frequency that is required will depend on which fertilizer you use,
instructions are usually given on the side of the box/ container.


Once you have finished planting, it is also advisable to use sugar cane mulch around the base
of your plant. This helps by keeping moisture in the soil, as well as helping to reduce weeds
around your plant.

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