Climbers as living walls in the Garden

Living Walls

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What do you think of that image ? Want a green screen like that?

Turn Your Living Walls Green

Run some wires on a diagonal to make a crisscross pattern, plant the right climber on it and look at what you can achieve. Put that in the open, make a free standing divider and it will look spectacular. Don’t forget you can change the pattern, imagination is still the key.

Tighten the pattern up, or just change to horizontal lines, and you can build living wall. The thickness of the screen depends on plant selection.

Turn your wall green.

living walls
design for living walls

Plant selection for Living Wall

A small leaf climber will cover with a thinner diameter screen than a larger leaf. Ficus pumila and Ficus pumila variegata are good examples of creeping Figs. Broader leaves could be Hedera canariensis or Hedera canariensis ‘variegata’. Both are large leaf Ivy. There are many more possibilities for creating green screens.

The Colours of the Plant can also Change the look of the Living Walls.

The variegated plants mentioned above will offer a different look to straight green. The same with glossy leaves compared to mat leaves or dark green verses light green. Consider all.

Ficus pumila on wall

Some plants have advantageous roots that let them adhere to surfaces directly.

Plants like Ficus pimula will cover walls and hide faults, but be warned they may damage a wall if let out of control.

Ivy covered Arch
Ivy covered Arch

Hedera is a great plant for covering areas fast and comes in an assortment of leaf shapes. It can also be variegated with white or yellow.


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