Best ways to Cover Large Areas

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When you have to cover large areas, but want to keep it low, Ground Covers come to mind. Or for a different look maybe you could plant it out with low growing bushes. Both of these methods lend themselves to designs and adding various colours, textures, heights, and other variations to the area. Grasses are another great option that will smother large areas. They come in many textures, colours, and heights. Grasses , like lawns, cover from ground covers up to over 2 meters high and their plumes come in some stunning variations adding more height at flowering time.

Ivy covers large areas

Climbers can cover large areas

But one of the best options is a Climber. They will grow fast and come in a fantastic array of colours. As an example Pandorea jasminoides, pictured above with Pink flowers, comes in White flowering, Lady Di or variegated foliage. Pandorea’s are also Native

hibertia scandens

Native Climbers also cover Fast

There are many Climbers and Creepers to consider


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