Plants for Sale at Garden Variety Plant Nursery

Plants for sale at plant nursery

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Plants for Sale at Garden Variety Plant Nursery

What to buy….

Where to buy….

What size to buy…

Lets make it simple. Size does matter. Large plants give instant gratification when planted in the garden.

But sometimes, a month later one or two of those precious large plants don’t look so good. This could be from a number of reasons. Root bound – can lead to stunted plant growth. Hydrophobic potting media – repelling water, dead plant if not treated. this is just two examples of many.

But I should get back to the topic. Garden Plants for Sale and how size maters. What size to buy from a plant nursery .

Mother Nature is supposed to know best, and she use the smallest babies of all – seeds. But they can be a bit finicky for us who are not as green fingered as her. So I recommend one size up. Young small plants are perfect. They establish faster and will outgrow larger ‘planted out plants’. But they do need a bit of TLC for the first few weeks. That’s not really a problem. They just need to be watered. Kept moist not soggy.



Plants for Sale

Time to Grow

On average it will take between 2 and 3 months for a young tubestock plant to grow to a 140mm pot size plant (standard plant nursery pot size) ready for sale and costs around 1/4 of the price.
It really does not take long before these babies get growing. You’ll look one day and they will be shrubs instead of young plants and you will remember how much time flies.

plant nursery

Mass Plantings


Mass Plantings are now affordable.

 This enables you to

Change the way you Garden.

Modern Garden Mass planting is essentially a method of filling in garden or landscape areas with grouping of the same plant. This also has the added advantage of weed suspression.

Modern Gardens have multituple plantings of only a few different plants. Some are clipped into shapes, others are clipped into hedges. Few grow in random ways. But they are all mass planted. And it is a good look. A modern take on Formal Gardens.

Garden Variety has young plants for sale that will make it more affordable to buy for group plantings.


Modern Garden

Simplistic in Apperance

Very effective 

Just a few different plants

Planted en masse

There are heaps of ways for group plantings to be done. And you would have seen them. Spring or any season, flowering bulbs. Commercial or Council gardens, Botanic Gardens, all of these, because of their size are mass planted.
Now we apply the neatness of this to our own gardens.



Hedge able

Unusual Plants

Coloured Foliage

Tropical Collection


New Arrivals

Coming Soon



Fragrant Plants


Ground Covers


Cottage Plants


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