These days Plant Nurseries near me have an extensive Garden Variety

plant nurseries near me

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What used to be Collector items are now common at plant nurseries near me and you. It seems Tissue Culture has advanced to the point where they get hold of one piece of vegetation and can produce thousands in just a small amount of time. All good for the average gardener, they get a larger selection to pick from, and products they may not have seen before. Possibly not so good for the collector who valued their expensive rare collection. I fit somewhere in the middle. I made a page of this website dedicated to Unusual Plants, but when I think I have something to put on it, I seem to find it at a plant nursery near me. But I am still searching for uncommon ones to offer you. I seem to get to a lot of nurseries.

Some of, What I Call, the Old Fashion plants have made a come back in recent times and that is great that we learn to repurpose them. Use them in a different way. Give them a new look in a pot, not in the garden.

Plant Nurseries near me

These days Plant Nurseries near me and you, have an extensive Garden Variety

I have been trying to collect plants over the years and it has been a challenge to find a lot of the old fashion ones. But I have been propagating and spreading to other interested people.

I think all things change over time and it certainly seems like a good time to take up gardening now. Once there were so many plants that I never saw for sale at plant nurseries near me for many years, and it was very disappointing. Luckily that is changing now, and I am seeing so many more old favourite’s coming back. I keep buying them when I see them. Then I have to find a spot in the garden for them. Surprising what you can squeeze in.

It certainly seems like a good time to take up gardening now.

Now it’s tip time

It seems like the varieties you can get for all sorts of projects are available at plant nurseries near me and you. Go and have a look for something like…… Let’s start with Coloured Foliage

Coloured Foliage


If you wanted to brighten up an area, there are heaps of choices when it come to colour. If you do not want the Tropical look, use smaller leaves and stick to one colour against green. If you want it brighter add White

Our range of Colour



Get the leaf size correct. Small arears to cover, small leaves. Big arears to cover, big leaves. Simple. Don’t forget same rule if using a climber as ground cover.

Our range of Climbers

Hibiscus Yellow


Think of colour schemes in your house and use the same idea in the garden. Hint, Trims are normally done in white. White brightens colours around it. Remember that Large flowers give more Tropical look.

Our range of Flowering



Grasses are the most calming, relaxing feel you can give a garden. Go stand in a field of them and see how you feel. All that swaying in the breeze, the curved lines and the soft flower plumes. Relaxing.

Our range of Grasses

Red Hedge


Hmmm, lets start. Colours-one or more. Levels-one or more, Crenelated top, Windows, Columns and rows, Stepped. So much to think about. I’ll leave you to ponder.

Our range of Hedges

Sea Side Planting

Sea Side

Go for waxy leaves, protection from salt. Grey foliage mostly works. Succulents definitely. Don’t forget you can use Barriers to protect more delicate plantings. Also large leaf plants dry out faster than smaller leaved ones.

Our range of Sea Side



Trees do not all grow the same. Some are massive and do not belong in the suburban garden. Take it for granted, add 50% more to the size it says on the label. Please think about your tree selection. Small tree for courtyard, bit bigger for a yard.

Our range of Trees



Perfumed flowers and plants

Our range of Fragrant

Scaevola aemula

Ground Cover

Weed suppression is a good thing.

Our range of Ground Covers

Cottage Garden


The sprawling array of plants that somehow look great and feel so natural, is always pleasant to relax in.

our range of Cottage


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